A New Look for the Blog: The Old Girl Gets a Facelift

The family and I are taking a long weekend in Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon this week. It is absolutely beautiful. If this area hasn’t already been added to your bucket list, I suggest you change that right now. In other news, I have a new face for my website!! And I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but she’s a real breath taker if we’re talking about sites to see (see what I did there?). 


With the encouragement of my new friend, Layne Brookshire, of Ms. Placed Professional Organizing, I have switched from the gates of purgatory (also known as WordPress) to Squarespace (Ira Glass would be so thrilled). If you’re in the market for a website host and your web design skills are equal to Napoleon Dynamite’s bike jumping skills, Squarespace has your back. It’s so easy to use!! No coding needed. Drag and drop your way to a beautiful website with Squarespace! 

Not only does Here, Let Me have a beautiful new facelift, but I’ve also added my new Organizing Service, Tidy + STYLE, to the list of features you should check out! I’m so excited to debut Tidy + STYLE. Backed with some really helpful tips from Layne, I’m so ready to bring Professional Organizing to our local area. I hope that the work I’ve put into the my website shows that I have a major passion for helping people create calm in their homes and that I’m capable of showing you how to create order in the spaces you should love. 

There are three different services that will be offered for the client looking to declutter, organize, and/or stage their spaces. The Do It Yourself package is great for the client that is not easily distracted. Someone who loves a good checklist and complete set tasks as long as they have accountability. The Hands On package is for the client who isn’t afraid of shaking the dust off their cleaning gloves and wants to get the biggest bang for their buck by haven’t an extra set of hands (ahem, me). I’m also offering a Virtual Service for clients out of the local area (West Plains, MO + 30 minute radius). Virtual Serivces are great for clients who are pressed for time and budget and are comfortable with completing tasks together via Skype. 

I hope that you find the new blog both pleasing to the eye and informative in manners of home, life, diy, and now home organization.  


*try as I might, I couldn’t get photos to load on this post. Please check back when I’m not otherwise occupied with keeping myself off the list of people who fall off the Grand Canyon a year. 

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