10/40 Coffee Makes the World Go 'Round

10/40 Coffee: Makes the World Go 'Round

There's nothing quite like living in a small town and those who live in sprawling cities just wouldn't understand the excitement that comes when a new place of business moves into town. The slower pace of life allows passerby's to gaze with wonder and speculation at what the new place will become or what the old is being transformed into. Just recently, a beloved clothing shop on our towns square, relocated across town and as the lights in the little old building went out, we all wondered what would bring it back to life. Each drive around the block, our community caught a glimpse of what would soon become 10/40 Coffee. Now, as you open the beautiful over-sized glass door, you step into a place renewed and you find yourself pleased with the opportunity to support local business while indulging in coffee that in more ways than one makes the world go 'round. 2018-01-11 08.15.23.jpg

10/40 Coffee was created by a beautiful young woman named Keely Swift and co-owned with Micah and Autumn Tombley.  Keely told me that she was inspired to name her new coffee shop, 10/40 Coffee, for the coordinates of the 10/40 Window. Don't worry, I hadn't heard of this either, so I looked it up and the name 10/40 makes perfect sense for what you find when you visit this coffee shop. I learned that if you were to draw a line on the northern latitude of 10 degrees and 40 degrees of the eastern hemisphere you find 90% of the world's most impoverished people and also 95% of the people who've never heard about Christianity. Keely is deeply passionate about this problem, both globally and locally. It shows the moment you walk through the door as your eyes are drawn to the paintings hung on the original exposed brick facade, paintings that have been created by our own local artists. As you look further, to the coffee bar itself, you see that the coffee provided takes things to the next level. Keely explains:

"Our coffee comes from a place in Jefferson City called Three Story Coffee. The beauty of this product is they take it a step further than the fair trade mark. They visit the farms and farmers themselves. This ensures not only the farmers are getting paid fair wages but also the farmers’ employees are treated well, too.

We always have our house coffee on drip, but each month we pick a specialty drip from another country. The previous month’s drip can be purchased by the pound to take home."

This month the coffee is from El Salvador. Customers are also able to participate in support by purchasing coffee by the pound to take home.  As I tried the coffee for the first time today, I promise you it feels just as good warming your belly and brightening your day as it does knowing that your purchase has gone to good use. And, if your still hungry after you finish your coffee, be sure to have a bowl of soup (offered in a bread bowl if you really want indulgence), or a lighter option of fruit, ham, cheese, a crepe, or bagel. Take home a chocolate bar from Guatemala or try one from the well known sisters at A Beautiful Mess.

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If you were to take a stroll around the city square you would see the places that created our little town. The places where our ancestors used to commerce, window shop, or socialize. To see it now, you catch a glimpse of our history and what home used to be like for the ones who lived here before us. At 10/40 Coffee you can create your own history or memories as you visit over coffee with someone you love, catch up with an old friend, or have a casual meeting with a co-worker. Do what makes the world go 'round in your own life, while supporting you own local community as well as the world outside your own door. We should all aspire to be more like Keely and do what we can to contribute both to home and nations beyond; economically as well as, spiritually.

Matthew 10:40 "Anyone who welcomes you welcomes me and anyone who welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me."

Be sure to check out Keely's blog to see more about her and her vision!

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