Birthdays are Special!

Yesterday I turned 31! I told the husband it felt like just any other day and he said, "just wait a couple more years and you'll want to pretend this day doesn't come at all." He turns forty and he's totally sulking! Personally, I like my birthday way better than the holidays (is that a little selfish?). The little family treated me well for my birthday. They prepared breakfast for me, took me to lunch, and covered me with kisses and well wishes all day. We took a long drive together, came home to a low key dinner and finished the evening with popcorn and a movie for the kids. It couldn't have been better. To help you feel a little of the love I received on my birthday, and because birthdays ARE special, I thought I'd DO a special. For the rest of the month of March, my Chalk Painting Tutorial eBooks: Chalk Painting: The Fun and Easy HobbyChalk Painting: Next Level Furniture Fixes, and The Chalk Painting BUNDLE are all 50% off with

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