My Resolution: Baking Challenge


Yesterday, the first day of what is to be the best year yet (I seriously LOVED 2017 so 2018 has a big shoes to fill), I read post after post of New Years Resolutions and tried my best to muster up a few of my own. I had nuthin' (remember how well I get into the holiday spirit?). I have some big plans for the year starting with using my recently acquired real estate license and growing this life and home blog. I'm just not a resolutions kinda gal it seems, but as I read through a few of my favorite blogs, I found a challenge that I am very excited to participate in this year. I may not hit the gym regularly or learn Spanish, and I'll probably still spend too much time on social media, but I do resolve to complete the Sally's Baking Addiction Challenge.

Should you Participate in the Baking Challenge?

Sally is one of my favorite bakers! She's always my go-to when I'm in the mood for something sweet (that's quite often). And, the many times I've shared her treats with friends and family, it has always knocked their socks off. So, the Sally's Baking Addiction Challenge is something I think I can commit to for the next 12 months, for sure! In her challenge, she will post a new recipe on the first day of the month that you must bake sometime that month and then share the photos and reviews! Each recipe is appropriate to the season and on a level where any expert or novice can participate. I love that this is a once a month challenge because it makes it both attainable and easy on your waistline. How could a baking challenge be any better?!?

Baking Challenge #1: Homemade Bread Bowls

So, if I'm not going to plan too far ahead into the future, I know that this month I will be making Sally's Homemade Bread bowls, starting on my very first entire home remodel (eeek), and learning how to build a blog. I'm definitely the most confident about the first and probably the others in that order. But, if all else fails (let's really hope that it doesn't) at least I'll be able to indulge in some warm bread in my belly. Bread seems really intimidating, but Sally posts plenty of helpful tips, pictures, and videos to walk you through the process, so you're never alone.

The kids head back to school tomorrow and I'll be making a beeline for the store with the ingredients list in hand for the Sally's Baking Addiction Baking Challenge. I'm thinking chicken and corn chowder or Chicken Noodle soup will pair wonderfully with this recipe. I'm excited to get the kids involved in the challenge as well. Who couldn't put more quality time on their resolutions list? I can't wait to see what comes in the following month's challenges. Be sure and check out her website and join the challenge with me!




What are your resolutions this year? Have room for one more? Join Sally's Baking Challenge!