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Finding Yourself and Minimalism

I’m not the type of person that talks about “finding myself”. You would never find me seeking inner peace in the Peruvian Amazon or eating, praying, and loving my way to happiness and tranquility at the top of Kilimanjaro. It’s just not how I vibe and to each their own. I do think that by whatever means necessary, discovering who you really are is essential to your well being and must be done asap.

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Home Renovations Equal Parenting Fails

I struggled for a few hot minutes on what to title this post. Should I title it, "The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Home Renovating" or frankly, "Home Renovation Turned my Preschooler into a Monster"? The first seemed a little too vague and the latter a little overdramatic and harsh. The reality: home renovating is totally fun, awesomely rewarding, and a complete life ruiner of well-established rules and good intentions. Let me paint this picture for you (Eminem? Why not?) Here are the ways

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I’m torn...about church.

I'm torn...about church. I've gone to church my entire life. I'm not one who can boast that I've never missed a Sunday or is always there whenever the doors are open, but church has always been a part of my life. A couple of years ago, I found MY church. The place where I felt both the music and the sermon speak to me. The place where I felt welcomed by people of all ages. It was an unfamiliar feeling to want to be involved in every way that was offered. To crave more. To WANT to grow more.

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Baking Challenge: Sally's Bread Bowls

If you read any of my whopping 6 blog posts to date, you'd know these things about me: I dislike holidays (because I find them outrageous) and balancing out the like/dislike scale is my extreme like of painting furniture. So, as I'd stated in the New Years Eve(ish) post, this one, I made no resolutions for the coming year, but vowed to participate in a Baking Challenge: led by Sally of Sally's Baking Addiction where each month I would make and bake a new treat by her recipe and then share the results on social media. This months Baking Challenge...

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You look like you’re 25!

She’s not 25 anymore. She’s 26 today. And as beautiful as she was the day our grandpa nearly rolled out of his chair laughing at her new hairdo. Shemay have been 14 or 15; I don’t remember now, but she’d colored her hair or cut it and our dear sweet and unfiltered patriarch of the family thought this was the funniest thing since Barney Fife. You just had to be there.

I don’t remember the day...

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