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Here, Let Me Tell You Who I Am

I think the trend is technically “Introduction Friday” if your an Instagrammer, but here it is on Thursday and I’m doing my introduction ahead of the game. Who’s gonna stop me? I know that I have made new friends via social media that may not know who I am and I thought it would be right and proper to introduce myself.

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I’m torn...about church.

I'm torn...about church. I've gone to church my entire life. I'm not one who can boast that I've never missed a Sunday or is always there whenever the doors are open, but church has always been a part of my life. A couple of years ago, I found MY church. The place where I felt both the music and the sermon speak to me. The place where I felt welcomed by people of all ages. It was an unfamiliar feeling to want to be involved in every way that was offered. To crave more. To WANT to grow more.

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