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Home Renovations Equal Parenting Fails

I struggled for a few hot minutes on what to title this post. Should I title it, "The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Home Renovating" or frankly, "Home Renovation Turned my Preschooler into a Monster"? The first seemed a little too vague and the latter a little overdramatic and harsh. The reality: home renovating is totally fun, awesomely rewarding, and a complete life ruiner of well-established rules and good intentions. Let me paint this picture for you (Eminem? Why not?) Here are the ways

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6 Things To Do When the Kids Are Sick

In our house, we never get off Scott-free without catching every bug that passes by. One of us is usually sneezing or coughing and as nature would have it, about the time one sheds the crud, another of us picks it up. I do try to do my due diligence and sanitize (to use chemicals or not to use chemicals, that IS the question), wash my hands until they feel like a dried leaf, and referee both kids from invading one another's space (did you seriously just lick your sisters face!?!) But, here we are again...

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