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Here, Let Me Tell You Who I Am

I think the trend is technically “Introduction Friday” if your an Instagrammer, but here it is on Thursday and I’m doing my introduction ahead of the game. Who’s gonna stop me? I know that I have made new friends via social media that may not know who I am and I thought it would be right and proper to introduce myself.

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10 Things We've Kept in 10 Years of Marriage

It either is or it isn't. This shows very true when it comes to me and the "keeping of things". I don't get too sentimental on most material possessions and when the other people who cohabitate this household turn their backs, they've come to know, I'll likely be throwing something of theirs away. Broken toys, favorite shirts that are well past their useful life, even from time to time scraps of kids artwork that even Jackson Pollock couldn't decipher.

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