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The Best Way to Fold Your Shirts

Last weekend, we took a giant reprieve from all of the holiday hustle and bustle and just chilled for a bit on Saturday afternoon. This, probably not the wisest of choices, led me to the usual all out panic that ensues the week before Christmas as I realized I had so much left to do before the big day. So instead of planning, shopping, and wrapping I decided it seemed like the perfect time to organize my husbands t-shirt drawer; because…priorities. Don’t think for a second though that this was all in vain because let me tell you friends, I was actually shocked with what I discovered.

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How Would Living With Less Make You Feel?

I’m going to add something to your to-do list today. I promise it will only take a second and won’t require anything but a pen and paper and that glorious heap of matter between your ears. Make a plan today to walk into your house with a handy dandy notebook and write down your first impression of your home. What do you see first? How does what you see make you feel? Do you feel relieved to be home?

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