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Making Enemies: Painting the Fireplace

Introducing how I trusted my own gut and thought it would be a barrel of fun to paint a massive brick fireplace and then realized I had been completely duped by my own risk vs. reward meter. Our lovely 1980's home would not have been a true renovation if I hadn't addressed the huge elephant in the room. That elephant was brick. One big ole wall of it. Brown, black, red, and outdated. I knew right away I was going to be searing Pinterest for inspiration. I'd seen it a million times, it couldn't be too hard. I considered renting a paint sprayer to tackle all of the paintwork throughout the house, but our small town resources provided nil. Because I was trying to do my part and be frugal, buying a sprayer didn't seem within reason. 

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Gutting the House. Are we Really Doing This?

Prior to renovations, Jake told people that we were doing a "total gut" on the house. I scoffed and told him to quit being dramatic because a kitchen and bath renovation and taking out a couple of walls hardly classified as a gutting. However, as I walk through the house now, I see that Mr. Right is, in fact, right. The floors are out, the kitchen is almost completely gone, and two massive walls have completely vanished. Let me just admit that I had grand plans of blogging this every step of the way through, but throw renovations in with moving (and child raising), I'm in way too far over my head.

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Getting Your House Ready for a Showing

Everyone has their own strengths; some excel at math, others grammar. Some are beasts at weightlifting, others at prepping delicious family dinners. My strength would be getting my house ready for a showing. We have been in the HOUSE FOR SALE season for a while now and I'm a self-proclaimed pro at whipping things in to shape before a showing. If I could make a living on doing the same for other houses for sale, it would be my dream job (perhaps I can use my recently acquired Real Estate license to help clients in this regard?).

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