As a self titled Chalk Painting extraordinaire and your friend, I made three options for Chalk Painting eBooks to help you get started (and fancy up) your own second hand furniture pieces.


Chalk Painting Getting Started

Have you always wanted to try painting furniture? Feel stuck with hand-me-downs that just don't suit your own personal style? Check out my eBook where I'll not only give you my chalk paint recipe, but I'll show you where to find the perfect piece of furniture and how to prep, paint, and protect it. Tap "show me the basics" below. Show me the furniture flipping basics!!!


Chalk painting next level

Once you've covered the basics from my eBook, Chalk Painting the Fun and Easy Hobby, you're ready to move on to the glitz and glam of furniture painting. In this eBook, I'll take you to the next level and show you how to use techniques like color washing, dry brushing, dark wax, distressing, and more. Take me to the Next Level


Ebooks bundle

Nothing is holding you back. You want the best bang for your buck and you want to know everything there is to know about Chalk Painting and Fancying up your second hand furniture.

I want both eBooks! Give me the Bundle!


Free chalk paint recipe

It costs you absolutely nothing to get my free chalk paint recipe. I’ll give you the ingredients and the steps to get you well on your way to chalk painting your furniture.