Make sure your home stands out over the competition.

Are you thinking of putting your house on the market? Or have you had your home listed and buyers just aren’t loving your home the way you have? As someone who has a critical eye and has been both a home buyer and home seller, I know a thing or two about getting your home ready for selling. Whether you want a custom created task list for areas that need attention, or you want me to make the updates for you, I can get your home in ship shape in time to put it on the market.


  • A free 60 minute walk-through consultation

  • A detailed customized plan of attack delivered to you within less than two days.

  • The fine tooth updating of your home including decluttering and rearranging, to the bigger things like painting and restyling where needed.

  • Connection with other services or contractors that may be needed to do heavy duty work like needed home repairs.



$100 for the Do It Yourself list. This list is customized to your home as I walk through an inspect every nook and cranny for changes that should be made. It does not decorating, choosing paint colors, or re-design ideas; only things such as repairs that are needed and updates that could be made.


Get a quote for my hands-on help. From start to finish, I complete everything on your need/wish list to design a beautiful home (using your own things as much as possible) that buyers will not be able to resist.

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